Sunday, 19 September 2021
01:04 Uhr
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English translation
Some remarks:
Because more than 95% of our visitors are german-speaking it is not worth translating our complete EC 2012 / WC 2014 prediction game site em-tippen.de into english. For the remaining 5% we at least provide a translation of the most important menu items. The sign up page is also provided with some translation. The handling of the rest of our site is so easy that there is no need to understand everything mentioned/explained there in german language.
To get more translation and learn a little german try http://dict.leo.org or other online dictionaries.
We think it is worth learning the language of the upcoming EC 2012 champion "Germany". (Sorry for England, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and all the others dreaming of the EC 2012 championship)


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